Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Neighbors

We've got new neighbors in the hood. These two are Polka and Dot! Here you see them being "walked" on a chilly afternoon. I think they are spectacular, the mom, a draft horse, is so gigantic she is positively majestic. When I see her in the pasture on a foggy morning she looks like she stepped right out of a fairy tale, I expect to see Queen Guinevere mounted on her back, holding that creamy mane in her soft white hand.

Next door to us now are the bassets, five of them! I haven't gotten all their names straight yet. Their moms are worried that they make too much noise but I think they are great. The only time I hear them is when I walk by the house and they start up the basset alarm to let everyone know something is up, as soon as I've gone on, they quiet down again.

It's good to have new folks and new animals around. When D and I moved out here 11 years ago we were the only ones on all this land. It was quiet but it was also isolated. Now we have a dairy farm and cheese operation next door with about 45 cows, and eight other houses with lots of good neighbors in them.

We still don't see folks very often, only on the roads in passing, or walking to get the mail, but its good to know there are people around when we need something, or they need something or we just don't want to feel alone.

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