Friday, October 17, 2008

Mums and Asters and Garlic Time

I can't get enough of the mums and asters that are absolutely pouring out of the flower beds right now. This combination of blue and pink is particularly nice don't you think?

I planted the garlic this week. My friend Martine says plant it on Columbus Day and harvest on Memorial Day and I think that's about right. I broke six of the very best heads that we harvested last summer into cloves, prepped a bed with lots of nice compost and some Plantone fertilizer and in they went. Covered with some leaf mulch and now we wait 8 months for the next crop.

I've still got about 15 heads left, I don't think that will last until early June but it should take us close. Some of the onions are beginning to sprout, especially the purple ones so I'm putting them in everything, the yellows are holding up better but I'm thinking French Onion Soup might be on the menu very soon.

Here's another close up shot of those mums and asters with amazing late season zinnias, wow.

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