Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New England Travelogue

We're back from the big adventure and glad to be home. It was as we had imagined, cool, dry and clear, I felt like I was walking into a postcard most of the time we were gone. From Rickett's Glen in Pennsylvania where we hiked a loop that follows 2 streams that flow through two gorges to form a Y. You pass more than 20 waterfalls ranging from 15- 90 feet high. It was a Saturday and packed, one of PA's most popular parks but I could see why, breathtaking. I didn't even mind seeing so many people there- it was good to see old and young taking on the challenging 3 mile, up and down rock stairs trail that was required.

From there on to Vermont where I sprained my ankle stepping out of the lean-to in the early morning and was forced to spend a day with my foot up reading a book- message from the universe to slow down for sure. It was one of the best days of the whole trip, breezy cool air made the green leaves dance and dapple the campsite where I took a couple of naps, finished a book and wrote in my journal.

Meanwhile D. built this Andy Goldsworthy-esque sculpture of the juicy, sappy pine they sold us at inflated prices at the Park. If split into small pieces it would actually burn and burn well. He took a walk with his camera around the glacial stream fed lake and was back in time to help me fix supper and get all this wood up into the lean-to before a big rain came in. We were high and dry in the shelter and enjoyed our supper with a nice bottle of red. Once the rain had passed D. got the fire rolling and we were able to sit out by it and toast a marshmallow or two.
From there we drove through New Hampshire to Maine where we stayed with our friend B Lou, ate lobster, went kayaking, visited a fascinating Georgia O'Keefe exhibit at the Portland Museum of Art, a very hip town, great bakeries and coffee shops, stunning ocean views such as these.

On to Cape Cod for giant sand dunes, more kayaking, more great fish and lobster and wine to drink, more time with good friends. We paddled our boats among seals and sea birds, swam in the chilly water and basked in the phenomenal weather. I completely understand why millions of people flock to New England in the summer, the climate is perfection, at least it was the two weeks that we were there.

The rain from Hurricane Fay forced us home in 2 days without any campouts. Now we're home; cleaning, gardening and unpacking. Yesterday back to work. Writing for me and art making for D. Hot weather and hurricanes. Bean shelling, pulling out summer veggies and planting for fall. Waiting to see what Hurricane Hannah will deliver later this week.

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