Thursday, June 5, 2008

Too Hot for June

Well- Its too darn HOT. Not fair in my opinion for the first two weeks of June to be near 100 degrees, pure T criminal if you ask me.

I worked until 10 this morning and thought I would die, I was gasping for air it was so warm and humid. My clothes and hair were completely soaked. All I could ponder was finding some cool water to jump in somewhere, but the idea of actually getting myself to such a body of water was too overwhelming, the creek or the quarry would require a hike, it was easier to retreat to the AC where I stayed all afternoon.

The forecast is for this heat to last almost 2 weeks! Yikes. Good thing I picked almost all of the lettuce because it would be shooting up and going bitter for sure. The peas are brown and I need to pull them up and replace them with some pole beans on the fence. Some of the cabbage was trying to flower so I cut the largest heads. I begin to imagine having a back-up fridge to put all this stuff in, between the leeks, lettuce and cabbage there is no more room.

The okra and melons should take off now and join the cukes and squash in fast growing lushness. The blueberries are very fat and I await the first ripe one, D is afraid the squirrels will eat them all, and I'm afraid he could be right. It's that time of year when the varmints start to be a real nuisance. Saw the first groundhog of the season yesterday scamper off into the woods, so its only a matter of time before it figures out a way through the fence and starts to really piss us off to the point we borrow a gun and try to shoot it.

We had a bodacious party the other night with almost 50 friends and kids. Played croquet and bocce, ate phenomenal and fresh potluck dishes that people brought to share. The thunderstorms stayed to our North and did not rain on our parade and a good time was had by all. We even finished off the night with a small fire circle under the stars. Sweet.

Games on the lawn are for me the real sign that summer has arrived, especially when accompanied by a nice tall gin and tonic. If its going to be hot you have to take advantage of the long evenings that bring a small bit of relief from the heat of the day and give you a chance to get out in the air under the sky.

Hope you can find a way to keep cool over the next couple of weeks. I've been reading about places in the mountains with waterfalls....

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