Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gray Day

It was overcast today and made my walk feel somehow other worldly. Pine warblers warbled from the tree tops, towhees called there name from the underbrush and woodpeckers tapped away on dead trees, the sound ringing through the woods. Aside from these few bird songs, the forest was still, silent.

The trout lilies are in full swing and joined now by spring beauties, windflowers and the first of the giant chickweed. Bloodroots are in bloom in our woodland garden at the house, bright white. The creeks and streams are still flowing smartly and even the side meanders are trickling along, I hope we get another good rain tonight.

My tomato babies have sprouted long and leggy but I've got them under the grow lights so I hope they'll stiffen up, still waiting to see the peppers and eggplants sprout.

I tried to work in the garden but just as I was getting rolling the rains began and I quit, so did the rain, but by then I had lost my enthusiasm.

Planted 3 rows of potatoes yesterday in a new section of the flower garden, but it was easy with the new loose soil and I didn't have anywhere else to put them that hadn't been planted in night shades in the last season or where I am planning to put them soon. I try to maintain a two to three year rotation on the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and potatoes, but since those are some of my main crops, it gets challenging sometimes.

It's thundering now, bring it on.

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